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Serving pure pH8+ Alkaline Water

Based in Revelstoke BC, Alkaline Spring Inc. is a Canadian water company that produces a premium alkaline mineral water with high mineral content and an abundance of natural Electrolytes.

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Alkaline Spring is a multi-award winning natural alkaline water that potentially ranks as one of the best premium waters in the world.

Alkaline Springs 5L BIB

Alkaline Springs 5L Bag-In-Box

Artesian water 8.0 pH, eco-friendly 5 L box

Alkaline Springs 10L BIB

Alkaline Springs 10L Bag-In-Box

Artesian water 8.0 pH, eco-friendly 10 L box. 

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Get Our Bag-In-Box Water Delivered to Your Door!

Below are our subscription options for our Alkaline Springs Bag-In-Box Artesian Water. Our subscriptions are delivered to your door monthly. You have the option of choosing 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, or 250L to be delivered to your door in your choice of box size(s) starting at just $99.99/month.

Our Bag-In-Box Alkaline Water subscription is ideal anywhere and everywhere!

A healthier choice for your family, friends, employees, patients, and players.

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Alkaline Spring Water Distribution


Alkaline Springs BIB subscription


Alkaline Water B.I.B


Alkaline Spring Water Distribution



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Alkaline Spring Inc.

Alkaline Spring Inc. est. 2018

Alkaline Spring Inc is committed to becoming the most sought-after premium packaged sourced water on the planet. Leading the water industry in the 21st century as a global, social and environmentally responsible company who’s driven by a meaningful purpose beyond the traditional financial rewards associated with building a great business. Alkaline is dedicated to alleviating water scarcity and giving back to communities by providing economical access to the cleanest, naturally sourced, highest quality renewable drinking water in the world.