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Alkaline springs inc. announces first production run of new ecologically friendly and innovative packaging for its natural structured alkaline water

Business Development News

Alkaline springs inc. announces first production run of new ecologically friendly and innovative packaging for its natural structured alkaline water

HAMILTON ONTARIO, CANADA (June 3, 2019) – Hamilton, Ontario based Alkaline Springs announced yesterday the first production run of its innovative and ecological friendly Bag-in-a-Box (BIB) packaging. The production run was the first through its newly completed production line at its Selkirk Springs facility in Revelstoke, BC. This was made possible by Alkaline Spring’s investment of $3million in funding from WCE (World Class Extractions) in 2019.

“The introduction of this package is a key plank in Alkaline Springs immediate market initiatives, and its global water strategy which is designed to bring the benefits of a structured natural alkaline water to the world”, said CEO, Samirl Saab. The Company’s alkaline water offers a perfect balance of pH with a natural alkalinity of 8.0+ along with essential minerals. This distinguishes Alkaline Springs from most of the popular bottled water brands in the world with low pH and tech-influenced alkalinity. There continues to be mounting scientific evidence showing alkaline water counteracts the negative impact of an acidic diet, which aids in the benefit of good health. Alkaline Springs is bottled direct at its source in Revelstoke, BC. Marke Antonsen, president of Selkirk said, “We are very excited about this development, now Canada and the rest of the world will be able to enjoy and receive the health benefits of Selkirk Spring’s water. My appreciation goes out to Samirl Saab, CEO, Alkaline Springs, and First Republic Capital for their vision, faith, and investment in this great Canadian natural resource”.

The water is considered a “natural structured water” meaning it is sourced naturally from its original undisturbed habitat, without being filtered, chemically treated, or mechanically manufactured. The innovative BIB is a cornerstone package for Alkaline Springs and is offered in both 5L/10L boxes, targeted to the home, gym, and office. It is currently rolling out in Ontario through select retail outlets and via an innovative Direct-to-Home wholesale program utilizing micro-distributors. BIB’s of structured Alkaline Springs water are starting to appear on a limited basis in and around the Hamilton area via its Direct-to-Home Delivery program and will expand more broadly across Canada by early to mid-August.

Once Alkaline Springs is launched in Canada, its plans are to expand into the US market and then begin the task of developing and financing the vision for its HOST global sourced water network over the ensuing 2 years. Helping guide Alkaline Springs strategy and global aspirations is Intercontinental Beverage Capital (IBC). IBC was engaged to provide it’s expert beverage and business advisory services.
According to Joseph J. Messina, Co-Founder Intercontinental Beverage Capital, “Alkaline Springs is an exciting and challenging engagement for IBC. Entering the highly competitive water market while simultaneously aspiring to disrupt the global concept of a sustainable, healthy and sufficient water supply for the world’s population makes this project and enterprise not only innovative, but unique in the industry”.

About Alkaline Springs, Inc.

AS is a privately owned company, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was founded in Calgary AB by Samirl Saab (President). AS produces a premium structured alkaline water with high mineral content and an abundance of natural electrolytes along with a perfect balance of pH and alkalinity for healthier living and to help counter the negative impact of an acidic diet.

Alkaline Spring is committed to become the most sought-after premium packaged sourced water on the planet. Leading the water industry in the 21st century as a global, social and environmentally responsible company who’s driven by a meaningful purpose beyond the traditional financial rewards associated with building a great business. Alkaline is dedicated to alleviating water scarcity and giving back to communities by providing economical access to the cleanest, naturally sourced, highest quality
renewable drinking water in the world.

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