Based in Revelstoke BC, Alkaline Springs is a water bottling company in Canada that exceeds global quality standards of natural alkaline mineral water.

Our water provides an abundance of natural electrolytes and has a perfect balance of pH and alkalinity with a unique mineral content. There is mounting scientific evidence to show that naturally, alkaline water counteracts the negative impact of an acidic diet. For the benefit of good health, we should all be drinking alkaline mineral water.

Alkaline Springs provides a premium healthy natural mineral water that will satisfy local and international bottled water markets.


We are here to serve and enlighten our consumers:

  1. In their quest for healthy living,
  2. In the provision and safeguarding of precious drinking water and
  3. As a credible, responsible and recognized supplier of potable water.


  1. Our commitment to safeguarding the environment,
  2. Our employees,
  3. Our industry lead-by-example philosophy,
  4. Our commitment to quality products,
  5. Our short and long term growth strategy and,
  6. Our corporate management team