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Alkaline Springs Bag-In-Box

A healthier choice for your family, friends, employees, patients, and players.

Alkaline Springs BIB Environment

Environmentally Friendly

With our innovative new Bag in Box #BIB, these 5 & 10 L vessels reduce the weight of plastic in water packaging by over 80%

Alkaline Springs B.I.B

Easy & Efficient

Our Bag in Box #BIB reduces water wastage and the energy consumed during the packaging process by 80%

Alkaline Springs BIB health

Health Benefits

Alkaline Water helps to neutralize body acidity by balancing the pH levels in the blood 

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Alkaline Springs B.I.B

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Alkaline Springs Bag-In-Box cooking
Alkaline Springs B.I.B

Nutritional Benefits For You & Your Family.

Our Alkaline Springs B.I.B water is not only for drinking! Because alkaline water is so high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium it makes it perfect to cook your food with. Instead of filling up your cooking pot with tap water, use our B.I.B as the healthier alternative. 

Alkaline Springs BIB
Alkaline Springs B.I.B

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

“The BIB has been perfect for my kids! Whenever they’re watching tv after school, I place it on the coffee table and they drink more water in those couple hours than they do the whole rest of the day!”


Oakville, ON

“I’ve been using the bag in box in my office for several weeks now and I must admit, the water just seems a lot more smooth and keeps my stomach calm! I love it!! Highly recommended!”


Toronto, ON

“Ever since I was introduced to Alkaline water a few years back I made the switch. I even began cooking and cleaning with it! Only problem was it was expensive to buy all the time, but ever since I found Alkaline Springs monthly water deliveries I’ve been saving over $85 a month on water”


Hamilton, ON


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Alkaline Spring Inc is committed to becoming the most sought-after premium packaged sourced water on the planet. Leading the water industry in the 21st century as a global, social and environmentally responsible company who’s driven by a meaningful purpose beyond the traditional financial rewards associated with building a great business. Alkaline is dedicated to alleviating water scarcity and giving back to communities by providing economical access to the cleanest, naturally sourced, highest quality renewable drinking water in the world.